Anwar al Awlaki the Next Target

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Anti-terrorist suspect Anwar Al Awlaki hiding in Yemen. Anwar Al Awlaki be featured on the charge of a strong will replace Osama bin Laden to al-Qaeda.

One expert, Steve Clemons, May 5, 2011, said Awlaki no evidence of other leaders of Al Qaeda. According to Clemons, although Awlaki seek to replace bin Laden. "I think he is eager to him,"he said.

In the United Kingdom, recruits intense Awlaki fanatic on the Internet. In an e-mail, he said, "the option that you can use with the pipe bomb, kill, or use a firearm in a position that has met the enemy."

The sun was never contacted by e-mail teaser Awlaki. They managed to obtain confirmation that the threat of an innocent British citizens is addressed preserved. The sun is also able to understand how Al-Qaeda to recruit new students on Internet

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