Thor (2011) Movie review

Saturday, May 7, 2011

We often hear stories of gods and goddesses and was used in one ear. Without a doubt, Venus, Athena, Zeus, Ares, Hermes, and. All data are mitilogi bagia and history of ancient Greece. Different story when it comes to the Nordic gods and dewinya, we know that Thor is a very powerful and it would be a novelty in this story. It would be nice if you watch your own movie in 2011 and see an exciting each character.

6. May Thor movie will inspire the atmosphere in any home cinema all over the world. We will see the release of the film gate. Nordic gods in this film the stories of new and exciting.

Stars of the film is Chris Hemsworth and accompanied by an Oscar in 2011 were accompanied by Natalie Portman, so that this film feel that it is fun and with a history of the Sci-Fi love, also has a touch of drama.

The 2011 Thor Thor Movie This is the story of him and his father. Thor as men should be familiar with the new world with other people. He has also had his affair with a woman who wanted to live with bias found. See Thor 2011 and watch a movie full of adventure and magic that is exciting.

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