Thursday, October 22, 2009

up to in this time, web application follows architecture channel next: one of the manner in represent new content(for example, in responsive interaction between user with page in application) done by send request to server and display new page in user. found technology client eunuch scripting (javascript, vbscript, and as it) give description in user that them open new content with a click in button. but, scripting technology only can modify content found on a page; technology also only can work towards information that sent in client.
various solution has been made previous, aim to change existing paradigm, but several between has commercial (has a solution only functioned with internet explorer), difficult to programminged, and can not be accessinged easily.
then present AJAX as the completion.


resemble J2EE, AJAX 2 matters that united: be a technology, all at once programming arsitecture.

AJAX as a technology

AJAX abbreviation from “Asynchronous Javascript and XML”, made from technology series with various ability: Javascript, XML and a asinkron method communication between client and server.
3 technologies interact: javascript get hint, movement with action. as in situation that may be happen,Javascript use communication stripe in server (javascript object by the name of XMLHttpRequest.) to call method stored in server and use xml as data delivery mechanism. if Javascript in client get response from server, so javascript will use the load ability to will manipulate DOM structure page to will add content that got from server. change that in structure dom then translated by browser in client, so that increase interactivity effect in user.

AJAX as a architecture

initially AJAX made as a series from technology, but then AJAX development experience. for example, web application existence doesn't use xml in data transfer from client to server. manner done by using object XMLHttpRequest.
based on above realita, several sides defines as new paradigm in programming, beside technology that functionality ready. let us study more deepen about AJAX architecture.
developers has developed web programming before present it AJAX: action from user that need data from server displayeds in page that used, where is data request from user sent to aim server. after cultivate page, server displays new page for user that contains result from previous process.
The problem from architecture kind slow and enough consume time, especially when compared with desktop application. desktop application can to responsive fast on request from user, this application will not processed to repeat every interfaces component that will displayed as response.
AJAX use programming architecture in web application. than give a full page in server and get also a full page as operation result, AJAX admit us to send request in size smaller in server. used page only modification to displays result, is not replaced with a new page.
another important factor from AJAX architecture request and response run according to asinkron: AJAX doesn't user prohibit to do process other on page that worn. user can fill and use area other on page, while AJAX put hand to background.
last, AJAX admit user for interacted with server as response towards entire matters that done by user. existing architecture only admits us to communicate with server at the (time) of user buttons or link that will send data on page. AJAX permit to request new data from server in the form of mouseovers, keypress and even other that identified by javascript.

process that done by AJAX

let us look at real example that shows to how AJAX enrich user interactivity and how do we use it in application.

example above simple example from form registration. but here found a troubleshoot, not all users detects number of the zip code.

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what ajax??? what is that??? thanks for sharing wega

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ajax is saudaranya java juga yach aduh mumet mumet

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good article... thanks sob udah sharing

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@bu lusi:ajax teh...bhs bu.. hehe
@angga:podo mumete juga..haha
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