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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This beginning part will invite you to will know bearer
programming language Java. Specialer again, we explorer
fundamental components necessary once
known and understood well. Besides, this part also
lengten marginally about fitur new Java version 5.0
and 6. Supposed this explanation later can help to make easy
you when want to uncover secrets Java furthermore.

In a flash Java
of course you are old stuff by the name of Java, a language
programming orientation object that developed by SUN
microsystems. At this beginning part, we shall lengten about in a flash
Java that reviewed from development environment aspect and
product. Supposed this review later can clarify terminology
and or statements often time stump,
especially for bew knows Java.

• Development environment
in discuss Java, presumably so important to distinguish
between programming language Java, Java virtual machine,
and platform Java. Programming language Java language
used to produce applications Java. In general,
only define sintaks programming language and behaviour
At the (time) of program Java compile, he convertion to form
bytecode, be engine language portable. Furthermore,
bytecode run at Java virtual machine (or
called Java vm or JVM). Although JVM can implement
direct at hardware, but usually implementation
in the form of software program emulation engine
(computer) and used to menginterpretasi bytecode.
Platform can be defined as supporter software
for certain activities. Platform Java self in principle
differ from language Java or JVM. Platform Java
classes collection Java that defined previous
and eksis since installation Java. Platform Java also threaten in
environment runtime or fire (application programming interfaces)

• Java edition

to include different application environments, SUN
define 3 (three) editions Java.
• j2me (Java 2 micro edition)
this edition is attributed for environment with limited resource,
like smartcard, handphone, and pda.
• j2se (Java 2 standards edition)
this edition is attributed for environment workstation, like maker
applications dekstop.
• j2ee (Java 2 enterprise edition)
this edition is attributed for internet environment or application distributings
in big scale.

difference every edition covers fitur language that supported and
fire available. based on the stage, edition higher
can mengemulasi lower edition. as to sequence
edition from highest to low j2ee, j2se, and j2me.
• Java version
there piquancy and necessary we are accurate hit versions
Java that merilis. SUN to use two version kinds to
identify rilis Java, that is product version and version developer.
As we know, newest version in this time version 6 (versions
product) or version 1.6.0 (version developer), by the name of code mustang.
Since year 2006, SUN also simplified nomenclature platform
as a mean to reflect maturity level, stability,
skalabilitas, and security better. if previous version nomenclature
Java 2 platform, standards edition 5.0 (j2se 5.0),
so now being simplified to be Java platform, standards
edition 6 (Java se 6, or a more regular is called Java 6).

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