Server Web Apache, PHP and MySQL

Monday, October 19, 2009

Server Web Apache
principal task apache produces true web page
to client demander, based on PHP code that inscribed by
web page maker. If need, also based on PHP code
inscribed, so can a database be be accessinged particularly
formerly (for example in MySQL) to support web page contents
Apache bloom since the first version. This, author
use apache version 2.0.54. apache has open source,
mean everyone may use it freely. Even
also may take everyone and change apache code

PHP abbreviation from PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP
be programming language to make web has
server-side scripting. PHP make possible you to make
web page has dinamic.
PHP can be run in assorted system operations, for example
windows, LINUX, and Mac OS. Besides apache, PHP also support
several server webs other, microsoft for example IIS, caudium, PWS, and
Like ever be touched previous that PHP can make use database to produce dinamic web page.
Database management system often used with PHP
MySQL. But, PHP also support management system
database oracle, microsoft access, interbase, dbase, postgresql, and
Up to now, PHP bloom up to version 5. PHP 5 support
full object-oriented programming (OOP), integration xml,
support all newest extensions MySQL, web development
services with SOAP and REST, with hundreds enhanced other
compared previous version.
PHP has also open source so that everyone can use it freely.

MySQL a database management system has open
source. MySQL congenial pair from PHP. MySQL made and
developed by MySQL ab that correlating in Sweden.
MySQL can be used to make and managed database
along with its contents. You can make use MySQL to add, change, and wipe off data that reside in database. MySQL be database management system has relasional.
Will mean datas that managed in database mele -
not in several tables apart so that data manipulation
will be quicker.
MySQL can be used to managed database begin from
little up to very big. MySQL also can run
commands structured query language (SQL) to
managed databases relasional exist in depth.
Up to now, MySQL bloom up to version 5. MySQL 5
support trigger to make easy table management in

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